On Demand Webinar: The Swiss Army Knife for Lean IT to Secure Campus Networks

No one wants to see angry tweets to the Chancellor about poor Wi-Fi. To attract and retain students, IT needs to deliver a consistently great user experience on campus, even if constrained by limited staff and flat budgets. This includes easy, reliable access to the network, no matter where students are on campus, and without the hassle of password resets and lockouts.

Fast, reliable Wi-Fi and self-service BYOD access is our proven formula for success.

How many hours per week would you save by ridding password-related help desk tickets? Spare an hour, and watch this webinar, to learn how our Swiss Army Knife, Ruckus Cloudpath software, can help:

  • Provide remote secure onboarding to avoid move-in day help desk overload
  • Rid your campus of password tyranny and simplify secure onboarding
  • Support a personal student network to manage sharing
  • Make eduroam easier to implement and support
  • Facilitate campus network vendor migration

Watch Now!

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