On Demand Webinar: Experience Management for Digital Learning Success

As classrooms continue the shift to digital learning, the importance of consistent, reliable, and high-performing access escalates. On top of this, the interdependencies and complexities of today’s networks demand a better way to provide a premium student, teacher, and staff experience. True to our heritage, Ruckus goes far beyond its competitors to deliver innovations centered around end-user experiences, with call-flow diagnostics for client association issues, crystal clear technical data, and machine-learning based analytics.

We are excited to share our latest advancements in the Ruckus SmartZone™ management software and Ruckus SmartCell™ Insight (SCI) reporting platforms!

With more than 30 new features and enhancements, SmartZone OS 3.5 makes it easier for IT to improve end-user experiences by better aligning security and policy posture with a diverse user device constituency, while our new enhancements to SCI provide visibility and unprecedented analytics. Watch this webinar to hear more about these new technology advancements, see live demos, and learn how:

  • Visual Connection Diagnostics (VCD) enables IT to react in real time to end-user problems, visually troubleshoot the client connection process, pinpoint the failure stage, and identify the likely cause of failure.
  • New "super-KPIs," combined with visual alerts and pivot-table functionality, provide IT with a more effective means of predicting end-user experience degradation, reducing the time spent on identifying systemic failures.
  • Real-time push-streaming enables IT to effectively respond to rapidly deteriorating network conditions by allowing third-party, or custom-built analytics tools, to consume KPIs with no delay, no fidelity loss, and no need to create a firewall pinhole.

Watch Now!

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