On Demand Webinar: Campus Networks Can Attract and Retain Students

Colleges are continuously competing to attract and retain the best students. Students use to select which school they would attend based on location, dining hall food selection, and difficulty of classes. Now, they are picking and returning to colleges that allow them to do online homework outdoors in the quad and stream Netflix from their dorm room without interruption. And students often complain on Twitter when their experience doesn’t measure up to expectations!

Watch this webinar to learn how IT can develop and deploy new campus network solutions to provide an excellent user experience on the front end, and deliver the performance, management and security needed on the back end. We cover how to:

  • Give a home-away-from-home experience in residence halls with reliable Wi-Fi
  • Provide students hassle-free access to the network, no matter where they are on campus
  • Engage students in campus life through online services

Watch Now!

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