Smart Cities: What's holding us back?

Across the globe, cities are exploring the use of connected technologies in a bid to become "smart." The rapid expansion of the Internet of Things has turned the concept of Smart Cities into a reality, with new, innovative technologies enabling city planners to make smarter decisions and deliver better services for citizens and tourists alike.  

With such broad objectives varying from city to city, and a plethora of new technologies and services hitting the market daily, where should cities begin in their journey of realising the value of a Smart City? Ruckus and Atomik Research surveyed 380 IT decision makers in Public Sector roles to understand attitudes towards Smart City deployments and the opportunities they provide to the industry. 

Research revealed citizen safety tops the list of benefits, which also include:

  • Improvements to hospitals and local health services
  • Transportation efficiencies
  • Elevated experiences for schools and Education Systems 
  • and much more...

Whilst the benefits are strongly realised over the entire region, barriers of cybersecurity and Technology remain roadblocks to adoption. Get more data from the survey from our press release.

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Of the IT decision makers surveyed, most recognised the value of a Smart City, however achieving these requires a cross-organisational approach, and strong, reliable technological infrastructure to support. Download our infographic detailing all the data

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Wi-Fi and the City

Today's smartphone wielding consumers expect Wi-Fi to be available everywhere, to enable them to do anything, at anytime. If the signal doesn't meet their expectations they may not return. If this is a city centre, leisure environment or hospitality venue - this decision can ultimately affect revenue potential. City-wide Wi-Fi is the first step in enabling two-way dialogues between cities and citizens, listen to Nick Watson's interview with Business Reporter to find out more. 

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Delivering on the promise of Connectivity

Steve Johnson, Regional Director for Northern Europe speaks at Connected Local Government Live 2017 on how better connectivity through high-speed internet can better serve the demands needed today both from connected people and machines. Hear how Ruckus is working in collaboration with cities across Europe to deliver better experiences to the audiences they serve.

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Smart Cities choose Ruckus

From enabling better tourist experiences to cities like Kiel during the renowned sailing event Kieler Woche, to digital signage along the Champs Elysee, to smart solutions in Anger, when connectivity really matters, cities turn to Ruckus. Delivering reliable, high capacity connections in some of the most challenging environments is what we do best. Hear from some of our customers across EMEA to learn more. 

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